Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekends, the new productivity

I received a terrific email on Friday. One of the client services team had great feedback from a customer that we were now the highest referrer to there site after Google. This is obviosly great news, but not because we have changed anything other than fixing the way Google measures our referrals. Over the next few months we will be rolling out more referral drivers to the site along with some interesting search enhancements to provide direct linking.
This weekend I persuaded an old friend of mine to do a little jQuery work for me. It's been very productive, achieving about a weeks worth of work in an afternoon. jQuery has some huge advantages over Flash. Principle being the way it works on mobile devices where flash doesn't work, but crucially in our useage it saves us a great deal of manual processing time. The only difficulty is finding people who can really get their heads around it!
The coming week brings a visit to the Rackspace datacentre, this will be my first visit despite having dealt with them for the past 5 years and having hosted the best part of 100 servers with them!

We are still showing Business Magnet having downtime nearly 40% of the time in the last week; the best part of 3 full days down and it is still going on (7.5 hours out last night alone.) Not good for them, but then Applegate used to get those kind of outages; however nobody saw them because they were out of hours. We have had zero unexpected downtime for the last 3 months now, despite search load increasing by a factor of 3!

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