Thursday, 19 January 2012

Business Magnet still down

So Business Magnet are still down, 48 hours now. Currently they are showing a 500 error, which on IIS means 'oh shit the script has serious bugs' although there have been a few 404 errors (page not found) mostly its been DNS resolution errors, as the main web server appears to also be the main DNS server. The secondary DNS also appears to be one of the web servers, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the database as well.

Having your Web server on the same box as your DNS isn't good idea (as I am sure Business magnet are discovering) there are lots of reasons, DNS servers have a habit of being compromised and web servers need to be taken down sometimes, you really don't want one affecting the other, especially when DNS servers are usually given away free with your domain name registration!

48 hours is a long time, we have seen search results dropping places in Google already (a couple of places in most cases that we monitor.) I am starting ro feel sorry for their IT team, there must be some sweaty palms around there by now.

But even given they are having problems somebody needs a slap. Why is there not a holding page apologising for the problems? Get a move on, it will help; it makes you look more professional and it will reduce the load on your servers giving you breathing space to recover the application. Then put a proper load balancing firewall in place and put in a fault tolerant architecture with backup. Better still don't use a cheap hosting solution and use a proper hosts with fanatical support

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