Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The after glow of the light-bulb

We put the jQuery code live today at 8:30 am. Possibly the fastest rollout in the history of the website!

On Friday it dawned on me that animated banners on the site could be built automatically, I briefed an old friend on the weekend, code went into test Monday, live wednesday (with very little change.)

The change has saved about 2 man months development, pulled a 1 month waiting list for flash development back go zero and freed up 2 flash developers to do the creative tasks. Going forward we will never have to build another flash image!

We had an interesting meeting today regarding SEO packages offered by other companies and what we could offer our clients in addition to the current packages. The conclusion was that we could indeed put together a package of external SEO add-ons, mainly centred around external links from tailor made blogs and forum linking. My only concern is that it generates a lot of manual work that has to be recreated every month if it is to have any impact. It will not be cheap or nearly as effective as buying a hotlink on the site which gives measurable referrals!

What giving an SEO package does do is give another package for our sales team to offer, we all know nothing is garanteed in SEO after all!

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