Friday, 3 February 2012

What to Index

After another brainstorm today on search performance we discovered an interesting anomaly on how one of our competitors submit pages to Google. Its quite clever the way Yell submit pages, essentially client pages are not submitted to search engines in the traditional manner, the keyword phrases that link to the clients are; leading to very high keyword density for their chosen phrases. It's actually quite cunning.  I'm going to implement it over the next few weeks as an additional sitemap. If it works I'll document it properly!

We had a little bit of a mess up with one of our suppliers that came to a head this week. Softcat were chosen to supply some tablet PC's and laptops. To be fair I was a picky bastard insisting on a Samsung Tablet PC which we ordered about 3 weeks ago. It was very difficult to source 3 weeks ago, now of course it's on ebuyer with next day delivery and all the accessories included. Needless to say when we received the pc from softcat we checked the contents of the box to find that there was no keyboard or stand, they were optional extras that were not available in this country. Annoying... we could have bought it with everything included and got it a week earlier from Ebuyer... hmmmm time to return it and buy it from someone else!

Contacting softcat we found that as we had opened the box we could not return it. Despite literally not even touching the PC! The sales rep was insistent that we could not return the PC, even though we had actually ordered 2 slate PC's, plus a 17" HP laptop and needed a further 3 laptops and 2 more slate PC's; probably £8K worth of kit. Nope, tough. You open the package, you own it. Guess what we did? sent everything except the opened box back. Sorry, that is shit customer service, I'll go to Ebuyer and use my credit card thank you.

One problem... I managed to upset our assistant Systems Admin in the process (Laura) it wasn't her fault, I did pester her and it all got got pretty confusing and I got pretty annoyed at softcat, I expect it rubbed off. Damn it. So I have some crawing to do. In summary, Softcat you are useless and your customer support is shit. You have cost me £1000 and I've upset Laura which I really didn't want to do :(

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